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Gamechanger presents

'Networking that actually works'

A deep connections experience

Actors, Accountants, Business owners , Filmmakers, Lawyers...


Improve your Leadership, Storytelling, Presenting, Team Alignment and sales performance through your ability to deeply connect and impact others.


Gamechanger Talent is a new diverse boutique talent agency, working with artists in the film, TV and commercial space.

Are you an individual who wants creative freedom and who also thrives in a tribe?  

We are a diverse boutique film and talent agency that works with exciting raw individual talent, 'sparks' and 'underdogs' like us, who know that dedication to hard work, community and collaboration is essential for success.


Urban models, actors, fitness & health influencers 

We love collaborating & co-creating with you!


We are diverse both in our approach and in that we as agency encompass all genders, all ages all types of artists.

YOU are our focus to build success together as a new agency. Helping you to grow in turn helps us grow as a new agency. 


Our approach is to work with you collaboratively to build your confidence, portfolio & showreels and your experience.


We do this by involving you in projects that we are involved in therefore maximising our ability as a team to co-create together.

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