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Our Purpose

At Gamechanger, we stand for fierce fairness in our representation of diverse talented urban artists. 

As a bespoke agency, we work very closely with you to coach, support and guide you to grow alongside us. 

Our team is dedicated to making a real difference both creatively and financially for you and your career in the arts space.


Our values

  • Embracing the Pirate Code as 'underdogs' together 

  • Heard valued and supported 

  • Fierce fairness 

  • United 

  • Respected, united, connected

  • Positivity and possibility 

  • Embracing diversity and us as “underdogs” together 

  • Co-creators with our artists 

  • Not afraid to fail

  • A  place where our clients are safe and supported 

  • “Spearheading  a co-creation ethos with artists and as a company ” 

Pirate Code

"I’d rather be a pirate, than join the Navy." 
Steve Jobs

As a boutique agency we're looking to plunder opportunities and take advantage of our adaptability and our strengths. Our pirate 'mentality' is all in together and shared success and growth for all involved.

We work with artists who are dedicated, work hard, love teaming, love developing their art and being part of a pirate collective.

Meet the Gamechangers

Not your average executive team! The Gamechanger team has been hand-picked to spark your projects to life...

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