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Intelligent Branded Media

Our approach to “branded” filming is simple. We find out what your needs are with a detailed in-depth exploration/brief to establish your messaging outcome requirements and to translate that into visual media that fully represents your brand.

Using a combination of FLIPTM   Coaching combined with influential brand media synergy. 

Jonathan Beech, Creative Director recently part of an Emmy Award winning TV series has extended Gamechanger Group’s range into film, TV, brand and corporate work. 

His experience includes filming for Rio Tinto, Schroders, Barclays, HSBC, EY, Goldman Sachs, BBC, ITV, Netflix, Discovery + Channel 4 and 5. Jonathan’s technical and creative expertise and extensive experience is a huge asset to our production arm.

Intelligent brand targeting is key to your future make sure

your message is seen and understood

Contact Rob 07958-670416  

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