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From New York to Old Street...

Nadiya is a London-based retro fashion model and artist working across photography, video, set design and creative direction. With an educational background in Architecture and Fine Art, her artistic endeavours are a masterful exercise in storytelling and communication. Nadiya's creative vision comes to life through the creation of vibrant, surreal environments inhabited by intriguing characters that serve as conduits for her nuanced narratives.

Her formative years spent in New York as a teenager left an indelible mark, fuelling her fascination with Americana, the alluring ideals of consumerism, and the nostalgic echoes of the 70s and 80s. Citing inspiration from cinema and directors David Lynch and William Freidkin, Nadiya creates visually striking, colour-saturated imagery characterized by an unwavering commitment to intricate details. Immersed in the world of mass media, she derives a visceral playfulness that informs the escapist nature of her work.

Nadiya harnesses her mixed race heritage as a powerful source of self-expression and a driving force for fostering connections through collaboration. Her work becomes a vessel through which she navigates the intricate complexities of the human experience, in which her artistic influences and multi-cultural background serve as tools that shape and cultivate exciting and thoughtful creative work.


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