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The talent speaks for itself

Gamechanger Films is delighted to announce some amazing news. We're starting as we mean to go on, and have signed up a class act. World renowned acting coach John Osborne Hughes is now officially 'on the books' and is our first new Gamechanger 'SPARK'.

This tweet from BAFTA award winner Eddie Marsan sums up how special John is...

Eddie isn't the only one who appreciates the influence and support of John Osborne Hughes.

“I always felt plagued by a sense of inadequacy. Since training with John, all of that has completely changed”

Richard Brake American actor

Peaky Blinders, Game of Thrones (Night King) , Batman Begins, Doom, Cold Mountain, Munich.

“I have learned so much about myself that I was previously unconscious of that has both been a revelation and a liberation”

Richard West

Frontman of The Shamen


For more information about this article and all the other news from Gamechanger, connect with Rob Rave.


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