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Gamechanger Associates officially join team

An amazing cast of talented professionals have joined the Gamechanger team in recent weeks. Many were already working with Rob on various projects, but have now become official Gamechangers.

Elisha Brinkhurst, a talented artist and digital media expert is now looking after Gamechanger social output. Paul Ward, the inspirational spark who has been working with Rob to build Gamechanger Films from the very start, is now connecting funders and the corporate world with the movie projects already flourishing under the Gamechanger banner. Mike Goldwater, a brand and communications consultant who has known Rob for 40 years, is also inputting, whilst the impressive legal counsel Stephanie Kleyman is looking after the interests of the Gamechangers themselves, the talent and properties.


For more information about this article and all the other news from Gamechanger, connect with Rob Rave.


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